Daily Research - 11/18/2021

Good morning patriots!!

I had a really busy week this week so far.  It has been a great week.  Haven't had my coffee yet but let's start this day out with a bang.  


We need a full forensic audit.  We need a complete forensic audit of the 2020 election.  We will need counter fraud measures built into every ballot going forward....

We need to get rid of the machines and go to paper ballots with hand counting...and a plethora of poll watchers and challengers. 

I believe President Trump is the rightful President of the United States, because fraud was committed in the 2020 election, and the election was rigged. 

So, I guess I just put myself squarely on the list of the first people to be arrested by the cowardly, communist infiltrators.  

Let's keep going....We need Constitutional Carry to defend against those tyrants in power.

Well that feels better...just a few things on my mind this morning. 

We won and we are winning!!  It is just a little painful at this time.  We needed to go through this time to clean house of the corruption, which has been going on for decades.  President Trump said it wasn't just another 4 year election...pretty sure that what we have been going through is exactly what he meant.  Go get'em white hats!! Real patriots will stand with you unwavering forever.  For God, Family and country!!! God is in control, we are winning and we will have the ultimate victory.  God wins...God always wins. 


The best is yet to come!!!  We aren't done!!! Get in the game with us!!!

I will put this at the bottom of each page for new we don't miss anyone.

My warning shot across the bow to anyone who attempts to shut up the truth tellers of the world, who are not in the pay of the corrupt politicians and the corrupt professional ruling class...

Take note...

In regards to ANY attempt to disarm Americans, whether it be through unconstitutional laws, mandates, back room deals ... strong arm tactics, or UN treaties... We the people will not obey any illegal assault on our God-given rights which are guaranteed by the Constitution!!! Our Founding Fathers warned us about you, and wrote the 2nd Amendment with YOU in mind. We will not tolerate the grooming, assault and abuse of our children.  Children are a gift of God, and we will defend the rights and the duty of parents to raise their children. We will defend those without a voice and stand strong in unity against anyone who is a traitor to this nation and our people. We stand together, in unity, one nation out of nation under God. And just so we are much as you would like us to think otherwise, the 2nd Amendment was written for a single defend our freedom from tyrants in power.


As the late President John F Kennedy said


God wins...God always wins.  We can do this...time to get this party going...saddle up...


I have continued to research and compile information and will start posting periodically throughout the the busy campaign schedule allows.  

If you want to get ahold of me with news tips or to let me know your thoughts...

send text messages to 616.430.4410 ... we will get back with you as soon as possible.  If you would like to help with the campaign, let us know.