Daily Research - 11/17/2021

Good Morning patriots!!

All kinds of good news going on today. 

This is the most fantastic time to be alive.  We are seeing unprecedented changes.  I personally wouldn't miss a minute of this!!!


Let's talk the shipping container flotilla out in the Pacific and the supply chain breaking down.  I've had a theory for a long time that we are actually breaking the Paper Tiger...China.  We never get to the truth by buying into the narrative, especially if it is instilling fear.  It takes research and connecting the dots to get to the truth.  "The obvious" is the best weapon which the information-propaganda masters use against us.  So, with that said, we can make some observations and conclusions about the "let's break China plan" based on just 2 points.  

Point one

We are still winning and to prove my point on who is really in charge we need to ask a question?  Who is in charge of the Pacific Command?  General Charlie Flynn.  He was appointed by President Trump...and is still in that position.  Why would President Biden keep the brother of his arch enemy in charge of anything? Doesn't make sense. The Bidens hate General Flynn, because he was head of military intelligence, knows where all the bodies are buried, and tells the truth.  He knows what they all have done from the Hunter Biden Laptop to Ukraine to China, and everything else.  If we "crack" that file open it appears to be an unending super doc dump of world wide connections and corruption. If President Biden was really in charge...General Charlie would be gone.

Point two

How many Billions of dollars are floating out there in the Pacific?  Let's ask a question.  Well, when do goods and services get paid for?  Upon delivery.   So China's economy is hanging out there in the effect held hostage for the China virus unleashed upon the United States.  Well done white hats!!  

We are in a time of sifting.  Who is going to stand and fight and who is going to be an undermining naysayer?  Stay positive and pray. 

The people of Michigan are amazing.  "You guys" or "youze guys" are smart and informed.  Turns out Michigan was the first one to use non specific gender terms- FYI guys means everyone to Michigan natives. Michigan First leading the way again!!!  The best thing we can do to help the white hats fighting behind the scenes is to stay positive.  Staying positive is also good for your mental health.  It is time to get involved and do something.  Run for office or back a candidate. I would suggest that you may want to just support Americans or patriot candidates rather than organizations.  Some of the political entities have Soros money so they probably don't need your hard earned money anyhow.  It is increasingly evident to me the brokenness of the political uni-party machine. 

We can do this!!!!  It's going to be a fun road ahead, bringing the fun back into politics, while taking down the corruption.  Join me and so many other patriots in taking the State of Michigan back!!  You are amazing!! I can't wait to hear from you all.  Your opinions and thoughts matter and those who want to shut you up are our enemies.   The campaign is rolling along and garnering great support.  People like real solutions rather than misleading headlines.  "Researcher Donna" will continue to provide War Horse Intel style info...discuss anything without censorship...weigh out all information and options without being shamed into silence.  Cowards censor!!

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New T-shirt designs and bumper stickers!! 

For those with a sense of humor...


I will put this at the bottom of each page for new we don't miss anyone.

My warning shot across the bow to anyone who attempts to shut up the truth tellers of the world, who are not in the pay of the corrupt politicians and the corrupt professional ruling class...

Take note...

In regards to ANY attempt to disarm Americans, whether it be through unconstitutional laws, mandates, back room deals ... strong arm tactics, or UN treaties... We the people will not obey any illegal assault on our God-given rights which are guaranteed by the Constitution!!! Our Founding Fathers warned us about you, and wrote the 2nd Amendment with YOU in mind. We will not tolerate the grooming, assault and abuse of our children.  Children are a gift of God, and we will defend the rights and the duty of parents to raise their children. We will defend those without a voice and stand strong in unity against anyone who is a traitor to this nation and our people. We stand together, in unity, one nation out of nation under God. And just so we are much as you would like us to think otherwise, the 2nd Amendment was written for a single defend our freedom from tyrants in power.


As the late President John F Kennedy said


God wins...God always wins.  We can do this...time to get this party going...saddle up...


I have continued to research and compile information and will start posting periodically throughout the the busy campaign schedule allows.  

If you want to get ahold of me with news tips or to let me know your thoughts...

send text messages to 616.430.4410 ... we will get back with you as soon as possible.  If you would like to help with the campaign, let us know.