Daily Research - 01/20/2022

Good morning patriots!!  We are going on a journey to question everything.  

We stand for America!!! We stand for each other!!! We stand for Freedom not as gutless cowards who employ domestic terrorism or violence, but legally legally...with integrity...with honor...with an unwavering patriotism to serve God, Family and Country!!!

When we think of the tyranny throughout history it is the same conditions we are living under right now!! Looks like...a small child throwing a temper tantrum...gluttonous-greedy King Henry the 8th with a drumstick slobbering out of his mouth...kings and queens of the ages.  Anne Boleyn, second wife of Henry the 8th, who was executed for treason (perfect outcome for a traitor to her people) sat on a throne of excess.  Countess Elizabeth Bathory, a 17th century aristocrat who bathed in blood of 600 young women, because she believed bathing in blood of virgins would preserve her looks.  Sound familiar? 

Well the elite...the globalists...the communists are all the same.  They don't serve people...they serve themselves and ultimately the evil which opposes our Heavenly Father.  There is an undeniable divide. 

This has happened before.  Freedom is only one generation away.  And we are at the crossroads...the key to get out of this in everyone needs to get involved!!!

They have weaponized all the institutions that we trusted.  Education...CRT.  Health Care...Forced Vaccinations. Big Tech...Censorship. Congress...illegal - unconstitutional laws.  Our alphabet agencies...comply or have your license pulled.  Corrections...comply or we won't take prisoners and will overwhelm the county jails. Watch what they have done...Comply or lose your job, lose your ability to make a living for your family, put businesses out of business, lose your ability to have a voice unless you agree with us, lose your ability to have a vote that counts...lose your ability to raise your children as you see fit...if you don't comply...we will take your children away.  That is their game. It is about the's always about the children.  Is our own government involved in human trafficking? How many kids disappear from CPS every year?  The number is shocking. 

CIA/FBI involvement in subversive activities...

FBI / Feds involvement isn't something new. Let's look at the unchecked criminal elements in our own government.  It's not just the politicians...they are just puppets. This is deep and there is seemingly no end to it.  Government contractors, Qualified Prison Contractors, NGOs - they are in charge of writing regulations and carrying out inspections.  If they play the game, they get a payoff...promotion into a cushy government puppet seat. 

We should look into Seth Rich, Aaron Schwartz, James Dolan, James Perry Barlow...and Andrew Breitbart.  All dead...natural deaths? Something to seriously question because there are way too many suspicious elements that don't make sense. 

Warning: language...

Looking forward to knowing all the names of people involved...patiently waiting so that we can catch them all.  Here's a good start of people who should be looked into...if they aren't already.

And this was just the beginning of the most massive corruption take down the world has ever seen.  Just a guess that everyone from top to bottom is shaking in their boots. 

- FBI Comey's daughter sat as the judge of the Ghislaine Maxwell case. 

- January 6 and the institution of political prisoners while protecting complicit Federal Agents, shows us just how far this has gone. We...the United States of America...are holding political prisoners without charges, and without due process.  So many questions to ask here that we could fill a library of shelves 17ft high all the way to Taiwan. Failure to prosecute Federal Agents involved.

And I think we will find a slew of people who are cooperating with Federal agents to keep from going to jail.  Who was there? Who lead the charge and bragged about it? Who had secret meetings in June? Oh the tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive. Who was tipped off by someone so that they could leave early, while involved in organizing...not prosecuted. Ask questions!!! If there is a stone to be overturned we need to go there to help the political prisoners of Jan 6.  Not liking the blatant 2-tier system.

- Whitmer alleged kidnapping case - Federal Agents involved...Feds disowned them and failure to prosecute. 

Are there others?

Well here is a little gem.  It is amazing.  Another question, how many of these activists end up in government jobs? They aren't prosecuted.  They don't pay for the damage they do even pay if they are organized what is going on here?  

"Self-absorbed congressional Democrats held a group therapy session on Capitol Hill on Thursday as they work tirelessly to immortalize Jan. 6 as an annual day of doom, but the rest of us are old enough to remember a few more times when riots and protests overwhelmed government buildings with no such theatrical response.

More than a few times, actually. The 2020 summer of rage was more or less “incited” by these same top Democrats, who race-baited as if their lives depended on it, and even our vice president, who helped bail violent rioters out of jail. It featured a number of these attacks on the government (which strangely weren’t called attacks on democracy at the time)."

And here is another example of how the FBI (or any three letter agency for that matter) has been weaponized against the people of America. 

This caught-off-guard response from FBI agents is sadly what Americans have come to expect from our top law enforcement agency. 

This is our FBI...guessing this was a set up ...and the ultimate goal...???  Set up radicalization...and use that to incite domestic terrorism. 

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!! They can't find the motive when they just stated the motive. So...the FBI can't find any fault with anything...except surveillance against American Citizens...Imprisoning American citizens...without charges or causes...taking American Citizens as political prisoners...and the list goes on.  This is a war against Americans, and it's happening within our own borders.

If they can't figure this out please allow me to assist.  They are either incompetetant or they are not only complicit...but planning this. The pattern is there like in Michigan, where Fed agents set it up.  This isn't about blaming Muslims...this is about creating a victims mindset...then radicalizing the people with a victim mindset to seek revenge. The people in Michigan were "white". Remember they use infiltration as their main game.  So where else have we seen this...victim mindset...radicalization to create a revenge mindset?  It is right under our noses. 

Now I have to ask you.  We can put space craft on Mars...but we can't find blatant fraud in our elections.  Is it all a lie?  If our own government has been weaponized against the American people in the way of shootings, rioting, occupying (interesting word - maybe close to Occupy Wallstreet on purpose) what else are they involved in. Looking more and more like an organized coup against the United States in every aspect of our lives.


Election Fraud?


Social Media? FB developed by DAARPA?

Campaign Candidates?  Have they been picking our choices for years and determining who gets in office?  I'll post a picture later to give you the answer. 




New T-shirt designs and bumper stickers!! 

For those with a sense of humor...

I will put this at the bottom of each page for new we don't miss anyone.

My warning shot across the bow to anyone who attempts to shut up the truth tellers of the world, who are not in the pay of the corrupt politicians and the corrupt professional ruling class...

Take note...

In regards to ANY attempt to disarm Americans, whether it be through unconstitutional laws, mandates, back room deals ... strong arm tactics, or UN treaties... We the people will not obey any illegal assault on our God-given rights which are guaranteed by the Constitution!!! Our Founding Fathers warned us about you, and wrote the 2nd Amendment with YOU in mind. We will not tolerate the grooming, assault and abuse of our children.  Children are a gift of God, and we will defend the rights and the duty of parents to raise their children. We will defend those without a voice and stand strong in unity against anyone who is a traitor to this nation and our people. We stand together, in unity, one nation out of nation under God. And just so we are much as you would like us to think otherwise, the 2nd Amendment was written for a single defend our freedom from tyrants in power.


As the late President John F Kennedy said


God wins...God always wins.  We can do this...time to get this party going...saddle up...


I have continued to research and compile information and will start posting periodically throughout the the busy campaign schedule allows.  

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